Starting a business and getting business loans involves a number of points to be studied. One is about whether or not to have an office, an establishment. In addition to concerns about the success of the business, such as appropriate location, decoration, facade, among others, also have the legal details of the business, then the question arises: After all, what aspects should I look for when renting a commercial property or even looking for quick same day business loans? More details!

To rent a commercial property, you need to check the following items:

Inspections: the Auto Inspection of the Fire Department and other inspections must be done in all buildings to be used as a business location, especially when we think of secured business loans. It is a document that is issued by the fire department. There is discussion of who is responsible for issuing the document. Since the AVCB is a document of the property, the lessor should be responsible, but this can be resolved through an agreement between the parties to define who will provide and who will bear the costs.

Electric Inspection Report: This is another important item for those who want to rent a commercial property and have secured business loans. Some prefectures may also request other awards, such as the Electric Inspection Report.

Operating Permit: These are essential items to obtain the Operating Permit. Many companies work without this license, but if they have customer service, this can be a problem. Inspection is mild in this regard, but if you have any incidents and people get hurt on your premises, for example, it will soon weigh the fact that the company was not operating. At the moment they are opened, the companies sign a document stating that they will not start operating without having the license of operation and this is forgotten.

Whose responsibility is it to obtain these documents?

There is a consensus in the market that the renter would be responsible. Even though, in some commercial buildings, it is only possible to request the Electrical Inspection Report, Dwell It and the Inspection Self of the Fire Department for the enterprise as a whole and not only for room or suite. In addition, the value of renting a property for commercial purposes is higher than for other purposes but sometimes count with business funding options. Therefore, the documentation is expected to be in order. You may require regular documentation or ask for a discount on the rent for you to regularize. Click here for more information:

Who should apply for the Operating Permit?

Commercial Building In the process of regularization before the City Hall can be required plants of the property. You will need to get a specialized company to order to get the ok from the fire department. It will indicate the exact points where fire extinguishers, warning signs, escape routes, and other indications should be located. You could even hire the accountant to mediate with these companies, but he would be responsible for this would not be appropriate.Therefore, when opening your business and looking for business loans, do not base it on the rent value as these items may be a problem to obtain.