When you’re looking for business funding options, there are multiple options that may be suitable for funding its finances or growth. However, that is not always possible when you or your company is trying to run on bad credit. Unsecured business loans can really be a lifesaver, and it may fund your business enough to get it up and running and making a profit. Unsecured loans are much harder to obtain than a secured loan, so make sure you understand the risks before you decide to get one.

Unsecured Lending

An unsecured business loan from a bank has to have a personal guarantee. This gives the lenders ensuring that they get some sort of profit even if your business fails to make the repayments. It’s very normal for business owners to use their own information as a placeholder for the repayments; therefore, if your business does not make repayments, you will have to pay from your personal funds. A director personal guarantee is usually very common; however, it will be hard to obtain a traditional business loan without one. Just remember that if you’re the director of a business and you sign an unsecured loan, the repayments will be made if your company can not make the repayments on time.


There are a few different advantages for picking an unsecured loan for your business. The first is that you can obtain one quicker than a secured loan, thus saving your business time and putting them on track faster. Secondly, no requirement is needed to risk the loss of any of your business assets as collateral. And lastly, an unsecured loan can offer you more flexibility in repayment plans than a secured business loan. Just keep in mind that an unsecured business loan should not be made unless your business has bad credit or can’t get a secured loan. Read more.


There are a few disadvantages when choosing to pick an unsecured loan over a secured loan. The first is that your business may not even be able to qualify for an unsecured loan if you need a large amount of money. Secondly, they generally have higher rates of interest when it comes to repaying, thus only choose this method if you can make the repayments. Lastly, if your company can not make the above payments, you as a business owner will now be responsible for payments as a personal guarantee. This will help reduce the lender’s risk if they do not have sufficient security on the loan.


So, to recap, an unsecured loan can be a useful pick for business owners who have low credit, don’t have enough for security, and need a loan faster than a secured loan. If you’re a director it’s extremely important to understand that when you sign on to an unsecured business loan, if your company can not make the repayments with interest, then you will have to start paying out of pocket for the loans. This amount will become extremely expensive for a bigger loan, so be very careful and consider all other loan types beforehand. More details in site: https://www.aspirebusinessloans.co.uk/BusinessFunding